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Jump Start Your Labor Cookies

Caution: These cookies, really can jump start your labor if spice is your trigger for labor to begin! My husband has always loved ginger cookies, so a week before my due date I decided to make these cookies (recipe by Gale Gand) for him as a thank you for putting up with my very pregnant, hormonal self. I made this in the morning and ate more than my fair share of both raw dough (yes, I know, shame on me) and baked cookies. I took a nap and when he came home from work, I went to the kitchen and grabbed the plate of cookies to present to him. Literally as I was walking toward him with the plate of cookies in my hand my water broke and we were off for the hospital. Since then I have passed this recipe onto a few friends and amazingly enough, it's started their labors too! Give these spicy ginger cookies a try and pack your bags.

Read below to hear how it's worked for other moms. If it's worked for you, we'd love to hear about it! Send us an e-mail at and tell us about it.

It's worked for others:
I waited until my mom had arrived from Ohio (we live in California) to bake these cookies. She arrived on Saturday evening and my husband baked me a bunch of tiny cookies on Sunday. I ate 5 mini cookies during the day and 2 later in the evening (Oscar night).

At 3:30 am Monday my contractions started and I finished packing our toiletry kit instead of sleeping. I also tried to clip my toenails since it looked like I'd be missing my scheduled due-date pedicure. At 4:30 am I was sure my labor had started and I woke my husband. The contractions were 2 minutes apart. By 5 am we were at the hospital. By 7:42am my baby boy, Milo, was born. Thanks "Jump start your labor cookies"!

:-) True story.
Heather of Rookie Moms


So yesterday I make the cookies, I add extra of all the spices as I love and eat spicy food and think I should just add more - I have no cayenne so I chop up Balinese Chili pepper instead... have some for a snack, after dinner, for breakfast this morning and.... mucus plug comes out... well. the first 2 labours started this way - it's slow and crampy right now - which is why I can type this - yes, I am eating more cookies while I type too - just in case :)

A few days later: I'm sure it was the cookies that 'jump started' my labour. Zoie Was born on Mother's Day, May 11 which was her due date after a couple start and stop days of early labour. 9lbs 4 oz :) - all natural.

I think we will still be eating these cookies at home - they are really good!!!



Hi! I have another story for you about how awesome
these cookies are!

I was 6 days overdue with my daughter, had been in
latent labor for a week, and was NOT progressing. My
husband and I had talked about ways to induce labor and
these cookies were a part of that discussion, so he made
them for me. I had about 6 cookies around 1pm, and 3 more
around 6pm. I laid down for bed around 11pm and two hours
later my water broke. I had my daughter 8 hours later. :)

I LOVE this recipe and am making the cookies right now
for a friend of mine who has been in latent labor for the
last 3 days.

*keeping my fingers crossed that they work again*